​אחרי כמעט 2 עשורים בתחום – בדצמבר 2013 הקמתי את הסטודיו שלי, Smart Movement Pilates & Gyrotonic.
Group lessons

The studio is located in the Korazin commercial area in Givatayim (on the axis of Aluf Sadeh). Easy and quick access for us to the residents of Givatayim, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv.

🅿️ Parking:
In the morning and at noon - in the parking lots of the complex and on the nearby streets (a short walk from the studio).
Starting at 17:00 - free parking throughout the complex.

The lessons offered in the studio:

Group lessons:

  • Pilates apparatus

Private lessons:

  • Pilates apparatus
  • Gyrotonic
  • Shiatsu

🕗Studio hours:

07:00 – 21:00
07:00 – 21:00
08:30 – 21:00
07:00 – 22:00
07:00 – 21:00
07:00 – 12:00

🏆 But, why with us?

At our place, the instructor team is skilled, qualified and professional who can respond, and can lead a way for any client by movement. We all live, breathe, and educate Pilates.

We all come from different backgrounds in the fields of movement and rehabilitative work with a variety of populations.

We believe in the method and principles behind this smart method. Don't know Pilates and Gyrotonic? Scroll down and click on the pictures below.

In addition to these two methods, the studio provides shiatsu and physiotherapy treatments, along with a training program aimed at providing additional tiers and maximizing treatment.

🏆 At our studio we address every medical problem:

מטרתנו היא להקנות למתעמלינו הרגלי תנועה נכונים, כתרומה לאיכות החיים ולחיי היומיום, תוך שיתוף פעולה הדוק עם אנשי מקצוע נוספים: פיזיותרפיסטים, אוסטיאופטים, כירופרקטים, מעסים רפואיים ועוד. שיתוף פעולה זה חשוב לטובת המתאמן/ת, לשיפור ומטרותיו.

It is very important for us to adapt the exercises in the lesson to the needs of the clients (and not just follow the book), both in a private lesson and in a group.

הסטודיו מצויד בכל מכשירי הפילאטיס החדישים למיניהם (ראו גלריה, החל מהקטנים ועד הגדולים, ושלל אביזרים שמטרתם למקד את התרגילים ולסייע בהפחתת כאבים.

The Owners:
Ronit Zelig Menashe

So, A few words about me 😊 😊

My name is Ronit Zelig-Menashe, married and mother of 2 lovely children (obviously…)

את דרכי התחלתי כמורה לחינוך גופני. הוכשרתי בארץ ובחו"ל- במוסדות מהמוכרים בתחום. בתחילת שנות ה-2000 נחשפתי לשיטת הפילאטיס, שהייתה אז עדיין בחיתוליה בארץ. מן הסתם, כמי שהתעסקה בתנועת הגוף ופעילותו, הייתי חייבת לנסות ולהבין במה מדובר!

I started practicing the method, mainly to research it, and to this day I still see myself as a researcher of body movement. Only then did I realize that all the previous studies and certifications were in fact just the basis for the real thing…
Yes, in the eyes of these methods, Pilates and Gyrotonic are the real thing for proper and smart training.

They are the intelligent basis for body study and movement. They are the basis that if we study it, research it, wonder about it, we practice and practice the method regularly: we will improve in technique, we will become more efficient in movement, and our body will recognize us in gratitude!

The training and certification inthe Pilates method Rehabilitative Pilates I started in Israel and later abroad, and the Gurotonic method I started practicing and researching in 2008. In 2011 I was certified as an instructor in the Gyrotonic method (at all levels). In 2018 I underwent Garuda training

To this day, a major part of my job is continuing my studies, exploring and unveiling new tools. I do not give up anatomy courses, study of body movement and dealing with pain (and other conferences) in Israel and around the world every year.

In this way of working, in which we are given the honor of "touching" people physically and mentally, a change in a person's life can be made. I am not happy to help people get rid of the pain that accompanies them throughout their lives, which have not found a cure even in the medical school, and give them a life without pain.
I believe that exercise in general, using various Pilates methods, is The real cure - a cure for improving our lives. And today it is more important than ever.

​אחרי כמעט 2 עשורים בתחום – בדצמבר 2013 הקמתי את הסטודיו שלי, Smart Movement Pilates & Gyrotonic.

The main difficulty was and still is not to compromise:
not on location, not on size, not on equipment
and most importantly - the team

My instructors team is skilled, qualified, professional and can answer and guide anyone,
by movement. Together we have achieved lots of success stories.

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